This contract is confirming that the signing customer has chosen to use RW Heating, Air, Plumbing & Electrical, for their heating and air maintenance for the year. These maintenances are priced at $49.95 per unit, and per maintenance.

  • This maintenance price only includes ONE, 1 inch filter. Any more than one filter, or a larger size than one inch, will be an extra fee.
  • Once the technician arrives at your scheduled maintenance, he will complete the maintenance using a preset 21-point checklist.
  • The preset checklist for air conditioning, or “Spring Maintenance”, includes things such as a filter change, refrigerant check, condenser fan motor, evaporator coil, cleaning of condenser, etc.
  • The preset checklist for heating, or “Fall Maintenance”, includes things such as a carbon monoxide check, check for gas leak, or valve, blower assembly, thermostat, etc.
technician performing maintenance on ac
  • RW Heating, Air, Plumbing & Electrical will call signing customer to schedule said maintenances at the beginning of fall and spring.

If you have decided to have the maintenance of your unit completed by RW Heating, Air, Plumbing & Electrical, please contact us.

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