Most Midsouth homeowners don’t think twice about their home’s plumbing until something goes wrong. RW Heating & Air Plumbing & Electrical specializes in plumbing repair services and residential plumbing. Our plumbing company offers reliable and effective plumbing repairs to ensure you never need to worry. Our prices are true to our estimates, and we never surprise you with extra charges. Our trained and experienced plumbers arrive on time to perform your plumbing repair. Whether you have a leaky faucet or a bursting pipe, our trucks are equipped to handle any job we encounter. Our licensed plumbing company will complete your large or small plumbing repair in an efficient and timely manner. Learn more about our services and get in touch with us to schedule a service.


There are many signs and symptoms that let you know you need plumbing repair services from RW Heating & Air Plumbing & Electrical. While we can’t address them all, we will mention some of the most common warning signs that your home requires plumbing repair:

  • Wet spots on your floor or carpets, or moisture stains on your walls or ceiling
  • Increasing water bills with no change in the amount of water you use
  • Hearing water running when nobody is using water in your home
  • Wet spots in your lawn or yard
  • The smell of sewage in your home or outside
  • Signs of excessive corrosion or rust on exposed pipes
  • Decreased water pressure in one area or throughout your home
  • Dripping faucets or fixtures
  • A water heater that shows signs of leaks or has become ineffective
  • Pipes that make a lot of noise
A person with a home that needs plumbing repair in Nesbit, MS,


Your home’s plumbing is a complex system with many components. Plumbing problems can range from minor and inexpensive to severe and costly. Plumbing maintenance can often prevent more significant problems from occurring. Our team can address all types of plumbing repair issues, including the following common plumbing problems:

  • Dripping Faucets – This common problem can waste water and cost you money by wasting hundreds of gallons.
  • Slow Draining Sinks – A slow draining sink is often the result of a blockage restricting water flow. Blockages can be from food or fat in the kitchen and hair or soap in the bathroom.
  • Clogged Bath or Shower Drains – Like bathroom sinks, bath or shower drains are often caused by clogs of hair or soap.
  • Clogged Toilets – It’s never pleasant to have a toilet bowl that fills up and won’t drain. Blockages are often caused by toilet paper or waste. Try a plunger and contact us if that doesn’t do the trick.
  • Running Toilets – Some homeowners ignore running toilets, but they can waste up to 200 gallons of water every day!
  • Faulty Water Heater – If you take a shower and the water suddenly goes cold, you likely have a faulty water heater. You can re-light the pilot light yourself, but otherwise, you should give us a call.
  • Low Water Pressure – Often occurring in older homes, low water pressure shows up in the form of water trickling out of the tap. This can be caused by leaking pipes or a build-up of deposits.
  • Jammed Garbage Disposal – Be sure to run your garbage disposal with water. Try hitting the reset button if it gets jammed.
  • Leaking Pipes – A leaking pipe can attract insects and cause damage to floors and furniture. Our team can repair burst or leaking pipes.