Smart thermostats represent one of the most visible user-oriented HVAC advances to come along in years. They completely change how you control your HVAC system and provide multiple advantages over older thermostats. Still, though, plenty of homeowners don’t know if it’s worth buying a smart thermostat. Here’s everything you need to know about smart thermostats so that you can make an informed decision.

What Is a Smart Thermostat?

A smart thermostat is a class of HVAC thermostat that includes Wi-Fi connectivity and advanced automation features. The complete feature set of a smart thermostat depends on the model you choose. Some feature big and bright touchscreen interfaces while others feature sleek, futuristic designs. Most smart thermostats come with some type of behavioral learning capabilities, too. That means they can adjust to your lifestyle and preferences on their own. In doing so, they automatically optimize your HVAC for optimal comfort and efficiency.

Why You Would Want a Smart Thermostat?

As the brain of your HVAC system, your thermostat plays a bigger role in your HVAC’s utility than you realize. The earliest thermostats typically used a mercury switch and a metal coil to control an HVAC’s function. However, they forced you to choose a single temperature to keep your home at. If you wanted to change that, you’d need to manually turn the thermostat’s dial.

Programmable thermostats were more functional than earlier models. They allow you to set multiple temperature settings based on different times of day. Most also allow you to set temperature schedules for each day of the week. As a result, programmable thermostats saved the average homeowner about 10% on their energy bills. They also substantially improved their comfort.

Smart thermostats represent an even larger leap forward than programmable ones once did. They allow you to do things like control your HVAC remotely from anywhere. They give you voluminous data about your home’s HVAC energy usage. They even use local weather forecast data to adjust your HVAC settings without your intervention. Their biggest advantage, however, is that they can save you quite a bit of money.

How Much Money a Smart Thermostat Can Save You

Since different smart thermostats have different features, they all perform differently with respect to energy efficiency. However, there are some efficiency figures available based on real-world usage data. For example, any ENERGYSTAR-certified smart thermostat should cut your energy use by 8% versus a programmable thermostat. That’s based on the program’s own testing data and certification criteria. It’s important to note, though, that even basic smart thermostats qualify for ENERGYSTAR certification.

More advanced smart thermostats can save you quite a bit more than a basic model. For example, popular smart thermostat manufacturer Nest publishes its own average savings data. Their thermostats save users an estimated 10% to 12% on cooling costs each year. They also save an estimated 15% on heating costs, too. Here in Nesbit, MS, that’s enough savings to make a Nest thermostat pay for itself in as little as a year.

Another popular manufacturer, Ecobee, boasts even more impressive energy-saving statistics. According to a data review in 2021, Ecobee found its North American customers saving up to 26% on energy annually. That’s enough savings to cover the cost of the manufacturer’s best smart thermostat in less than a year.

The takeaway is that in all cases, smart thermostats should save you significant sums over their lifetimes. In a way, installing a smart thermostat is like getting a massive, inexpensive HVAC system upgrade. To achieve the same savings with an HVAC upgrade, you’d need to spend thousands of dollars on a more efficient system.

Important Smart Thermostat Features

Adding a smart thermostat to your home’s HVAC system will also enhance its functionality. Common smart thermostat features include:

  • Energy tracking and reports
  • Geofencing capabilities
  • Smart speaker integration
  • HVAC malfunction alerts
  • Room temperature and humidity sensors

Your Trusted Smart Thermostat Experts

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